Back in the summer of 2007, I , along with my dear friend Joe Cahill, formed an LLC called All In Properties. We formed it so we could begin "flipping homes".
First we had to get a Contractor's license. We procured a Classs "B" License and began to go to the Foresclosure auctions and won our first bid in the Fall of 2007. We became very successful at flipping. However, after number of years it seemed that a lot of people decided to get into the same business and these auctions which were 7 to 10 people became over 50 people and the bidding became ridiculous and flipping in Northen Virginia became fruitless.
However, Joe came up with the idea of building new homes. Our strength as an LLC was to fix the inside but we had no idea on how to build the shell of the house. The shell being the pouring the foundation, framing the house and putting up the roof. Fortunately we met an Engineering company called Alexandria Consulting Group and we met Cris Ortan who was a builder.